Mark Reynolds and Alan Bentley met through a decision to change their lifestyles by dramatically improving their nutrition and training over a year ago. Having seen huge improvements in their health, fitness, and wellbeing, the idea to help and educate others by opening a health cafe was born. 6 months later that dream became a reality and we are extremely proud to be opening THE NRG CAVERN.

The food you eat is always a choice, or so we thought. Unfortunately this isn’t always true if you are working and/or away from your kitchen. We found it really hard to find balanced nutritional food cooked in a healthy way, to eat in or take out. Eating balanced nutrition isn’t a diet it should be a simple choice but most eating establishments don’t have this value at the core of their business. So we are opening THE NRG CAVERN to provide our customers and ourselves with that choice (although our work is now in our kitchen), through a balanced, clean and nutritional breakfast and lunch menu, complemented by healthy smoothies and shakes.


So, if you are training hard for endurance or sport, trying to build muscle, looking to lose weight, or just want to focus on your health then enjoy a balanced nutritional breakfast or lunch menu to eat in or take away and we look forward to welcoming you to THE NRG CAVERN from 23rd June.

Your body and your mind will be happy with your choice.


6 Bath Place,


01903 207777


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